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What is the #YESCampaign?

Our annual, month-long social media campaign in March strives to increase awareness of the contemporary social issues that continue to negatively impact marginalized youth and spark necessary conversations about change. 

The campaign not only crowdsources possible avenues for intervention from students, professionals, businesses, and other organizations throughout the United States, but also established a virtual network of diverse participants from varying academic backgrounds, professions, and locations from which individuals can engage and benefit.

YES Anchor

#YESCampaign 2019

Our goal is to spark conversations about the social issues currently affecting minority youth and crowdsource solutions from students, professionals, businesses, and organizations nationwide.


YES for... 

#YESCampaign 2021

Unlike what we’ve faced before, the pandemic tied with escalated racial tensions have forced us, globally, to reflect and realize that radical change is vital. So we’ve made it this far, but now what: how will you apply the lesson(s) you are learning to better yourself and/or the world?

YES I will...

#YESCampaign 2020

The goal of #YESCampaign2020 is to honor people of color (and allies) who have overcome barriers, defied stereotypes, and contradicted statistics to inspire the next generation of leaders and change-makers.

YESyouCAN ...

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